Grab “N” Go Boxes

The Perfect size for those in office distanced events!
Celebrate With Boxed Desserts, DIY Bars, Grab “N” Go Treats, Gift Boxes and So Much More!!

We have put together our **NEW** Grab “N” Go Boxed Desserts. Each one is an individual helping of our most popular dessert bars that you come to love.

Featuring: Candy Apples, Custom Flavored Sodas, Candy Apples, Cotton Candy, Flavored Pop Corn, Gus’ Pretzels and Ted Drews’ Frozen Custard.

We also have a verity of other Gift Box and Delivery options available for in the office and at Home or Distanced Events.

Grab "N" Go Donut Box

Includes 6 Donut Holes
Toppings Include:-Icing (Pick a Color) Cinnamon & Sugar-Sprinkles-Chocolate Chips-Peanuts-Napkins, Utensils-Plus Delivery

Flavored Pop Corn –

Available in 3 sizes.
Small $4 Med. $6 Large $12

Include: Butter & Salt, White Chocolate Almond Berry, S’mores, Chocolate, Caramel. Kettle Corn, Breakfast & Kettle Corn

Grab "N" Go Sundae Bar

Ice Cream Bar -$7 (1 pint of Ted Drews Vanilla)
Toppings Include:-Chocolate Sauce-Cookie Pieces-Sprinkles-Caramel Chips-Peanuts-Napkins, Utensils-Plus Delivery

Caramel Apple Box

Caramel Apple-$7 
(1 Pre-sliced Pre-packaged Apple)
Toppings Include:-Caramel Sauce-Cookie Pieces-Sprinkles-Chocolate Chips-Peanuts-Napkins, Utensils-Plus Delivery

Cotton Candy – $4.00 ea. 
-Comes in a large 32oz. tub
-12 Different Flavors.-Cherry, Grape, Banana, Strawberry, Blue Raspberry, Pina Colada, Lime, Green Apple, Vanilla, Orange, Watermelon, Birthday Cake, Lemon
-Plus Delivery

Grab "N" Go Gus' Pretzel Box

Pretzel Bites – $6
Includes 6 Pretzel Bites-Napkins, Utensils 

Savory Option:-Comes With Cheddar Cheese Sauce -Hot Peppers-Chili Powder-Onions & Chives-Bacon 

Sweet Option:-Comes With Icing (Pick a Color) -Cinnamon & Sugar-Sprinkles-Chocolate Chips-Peanuts-Plus Delivery

Flavored Soda-$10
-Club Soda
-Fun Straw and Umbrella
-Candy Stir Stick
-Pick a Flavor From our Snow Cone Menu
-Glass (Customize Your Glass For Just $2)
-Pop Rocks & Nerds
Glasses can be customized for your event!

Nachos $6
-Nacho Chips
– Cheese,
– Jalapeño,
– Bacon crumbles
Also available in a Mini Helmet bowl to celebrate Opening Day!