Hot Dog Bar

Hot Dogs, one of the most American summer time treats you can get! Have’em plain or pile on the toppings it’s up to you. Are you a mustard or ketchup kind of person? Or maybe you’re a Chili Cheese Dog kind or person. It doesn’t matter. Our Hot Dog Bar has enough toppings and options you can have it any way you want.

Hot Dog Bar~ $325
-Includes up to 2 hours of service
-Warm Cheese sauce
-Toppings Bar featuring    
-Chopped Onions
 -Jalapenos, Banana peppers and Hot cherry peppers   
-Mustard, Ketchup, Relish, Hot Sauce and BBQ Sauce   
-Sour Kraut    
-Pickle Spears  
-Up to 50 1/4 lb Beef Hot Dogs & Buns
-Additional Servings are just $3 per piece ordered in advance
-Add Warm Chili $15
-Plus Tax & Mileage (Mileage is just &0.75 per mile one way)
-Plus parks fees where applicable.

General Event Information: Bar attendant, table, linens and standard decorations are provided. The Bar can be customized to your theme, event and guest tastes and dietary needs.