Fantastic Flavors Soda Bar

Over 53  Fantastic Flavors of Soda??? No way! Yep, it’s true, we have over 53 Fantastic Flavors on our Soda Bar…actually way over 53 Fantastic Flavors ! We can custom make Soda Flavors for your guests at your event. Guests can choose from any flavor on our Flavor menu (Including Sugar Free) or use those Flavors to make their own one of a kind Soda. We combine our  Snow Cone Flavor syrup with carbonated water and pour over ice for a uniquely refreshing drink. Sodas are served with a colorful straw in a clear cup so you can enjoy the color and flavor of your drink. Make your Sodas even more memorable by adding whipped cream, Pop Rocks, Bar Fruit (like Cherries, Strawberries and Blueberries), Cotton Candy, Silly Straws or Cute Umbrellas in your drinks. Our Soda Bar is a fun non-alcoholic option in addition at any event.


Despite its name, Italian soda originated in the USA. One claimant to the introduction and increased popularity of Italian sodas is Torani: Rinaldo and Ezilda Torre brought recipes for flavored syrups from Lucca, Italy and in 1925 introduced what become known as an Italian soda to the North Beach neighborhood of San Francisco, California.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~Pricing and Details~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Soda Bar ~ $250
Includes up to 2 hours of service and up to 100 16oz Sodas
-Additional Sodas served are just $2 per piece served
-Add Pop Rocks, Bar Fruit, Cotton Candy or Cute Umbrellas ~ $25 per item chosen, per 100 servings
-Add additional serving hours, add $50 per hour
-Add Silly Straws ~ $50 per 100 servings
-Plus Tax & Mileage (Mileage is just &0.75 per mile one way)
-Plus parks fees where applicable.

General Event Information
Bar attendant, table, linens and standard decorations are provided. The Bar can be customized to your theme, event and guest tastes and dietary needs.