St. Louis Snow Cone ~ Still Geared Up For Summer, But Ready For Fall Festivals and Events

It has been a busy summer at St. Louis Snow Cone and we want to give a shout out to our incredible team (affectionately referred to as Flakes) for making it all happen! It didn’t matter how hot or rainy it was or how many events they were working back to back, they just kept going and made sure every one of our clients received superb service!

We need give a BIG THANK YOU to all of our clients. We saw a lot of new clients this year and returned to many of our existing clients as well. We appreciate every last one of our clients and look forward to each and every event!

Summer is always the most hectic time of year for us, but we have so many fun foods services that fit right into fall and holiday events!

Our fun food and beverage bars are perfect for those chilly days and nights….
-Hot Chocolate Bar
-Hot Apple Cider Bar
-S’Mores Bar
-Sweet As Pie Bar (Yep, you get to make your own tiny pie!)
-Flavored PopCorn Bar

Don’t forget about our other services for your next event….
-Pop Up Pictures (Indoor and Outdoor Movie, Video Game Service)
-Pic Me Pictures (Fun Photo Booth)
-Karaoke (Coming soon!)

And when you are looking for fall and holiday gifts, look no further than St. Louis Snow Cone. Our gifting options are put together by hand by our Flakes. Your clients will never be able to find the gift you got them in a big box store when you purchase from St. Louis Snow Cone!



May The 4th Be With You – Celebrating With St. Louis Snow Cone

20130503_211247 20130503_204315 20130503_200025 20130503_194129 20130503_180725This weekend is one of our favorite Snow Cone holidays…May The 4th Be With You. Yes, that awesome day when we celebrate all things Star Wars. This is our 2nd year participating in May The 4th Be With You festivities. Last year, we were so excited to have our photo booth, Pic Me Pictures, at the Saint Louis Science Center during their 4th celebration. It was extra cool because the local club that builds R2D2 droids let us use R2D2 in our photo booth! Yep, coolest pics ever! Above you’ll see a few of the coolest pics!

St. Louis Snow Cone’s photo booth, Pic Me Pictures, is a perfect way to really capture the personality of your event! No boring, over posed photos or silly selfies with our photo booth. Nope…you’ll see your guests real personality come out making for memorable event photos. Photo booths are also a great way to engage a group at a meeting or event. Trust me, once you’ve put two strangers in front of the camera with giant sunglasses and other silly props, you’ll see smiles and laughs as your guests participate in a FUN ice breaker!


Marketing… So Much S’More Than You Can Ever Think To Do

black or white t-shirt with a picture of a s'more

S’More Than Just Snow Cones


Marketing…as a small business, we are always looking for more ways to market ourselves and improve our marketing with little to no budget. Creativity and resourcefulness is key!

We’ve spent the last few weeks creating new flyers and postcards to market our catering services. We’ve changed things up a little with the hopes of better representing what St. Louis Snow Cone has evolved into and appealing to a wider audience.

For instance, although we started out catering Snow Cones, we’ve added to our food menu and our services menu over the years. Starting with Snow Cones, adding PopCorn, Ice Cream and Cotton Candy…then expanding to our Fresh Made Soda Bar and our fun foods bars like, Candy Apples, PopCorn, Pretzels, S’Mores and then launching into photo booth services and outdoor movie and gaming services.

And our audience has expanded from just for kids to include kids at heart. And from fun outdoor events to indoor formal events. And from family events to corporate events. We serve at a wide variety of events and serve a very diverse group of guests. We’ve found that we have something for just about anyone and just about any event!

This winter, one of our most popular services has been our new Pretzel Bar which includes Pretzel Bites covered in your choice of 3 warm toppings: Cheese, Sweet Glaze and Mustard AND 3 sweet toppings and 3 savory toppings. The next most popular winter time service is our S’Mores Bar….and that’s when it hit me….St. Louis Snow Cone: S’More Than Just Snow Cones! Yep, that sums it up perfectly and a new tag line was born!

I quickly went to work deciding on colors, graphics and fonts. I didn’t have a real direction, I only knew that I wanted something different than our current marketing materials. My results can be seen in our t-shirts, in our new facebook cover photo and in our new postcards (but you’ll have to wait to see those)!

Catering Snow Cones At Your Event ~ A Couple Of Secrets

St. Louis Snow Cone uses the Best Of Times Bar, with custom wraps and umbrellas, to bring the Snow Cones to your event!

St. Louis Snow Cone uses the Best Of Times Bar, with custom wraps and umbrellas, to bring the Snow Cones to your event!

Catering Snow Cones at your event can be fun and we’ve got it down to a science! We’ve had almost 10 years of experience of bringing a whole Snow Cone stand to you. We’ve had some trial and error, some good advice along the way and some great companies and products that have helped us to get where we are today.

Our first challenge was picking the right machine to bring the best shaved ice to our clients. There are lots of machines out there that make great ice, but we had to be concerned about space, weight and the ability to move the machine around from event to event. After experimenting with a few machines, we found the Snowie brand shaved ice machines. The Snowie machine makes a great shaved ice AND it makes it quickly to keep up with the large crowds at our private events. Our favorite parts about the Snowie….
-Light weight, portable and sturdy
-We never touch the ice. It goes directly from the bag into the machine and into the cup!
-Uses cubed ice, so we can always pick up ice at a local store when we serve more than expected!
-Easy to use foot pedal for fast on and off

Snowie machines are built in the USA. We’ve used our Snowie machines for hours and hours and hours over the last 10 years and have barely had a hiccup with the operation. The one time we did have an issue, I called Snowie and the technical service department (the actually guy who put the machine together) helped us do an on-site temporary repair to get us rolling and overnighted the parts we needed to for a permanent repair! The quality of the machine and the customer service has been outstanding! Check out their machines at this link

Our next concern was trying to figure our how to get over 53 flavor bottles to our guests at each event. We wanted to make sure that we didn’t disappoint our guests at an event by only bringing 5 or 10 flavors. It took some searching, but we were finally able to find the perfect totes to get all those flavors to you!

One of the last, and probably the biggest hurdle, was to find a serving counter that was portable, worked for the product we were serving and provided a great presentation, aka, cute. We had been searching for months and had just about given up. I was hanging out, eating a Snow Cone, watching The View and trying to figure out what to do…and there it was…right in front of me….The Best of Times Bar! It was a featured product on the show and it looked perfect for our needs. I checked out their website,, and it was perfect! After ordering one, we knew we needed a couple more and decided to upgrade to the custom wraps to brand St. Louis Snow Cone at each and every event that we attended. The customer service for this product has been excellent! We love the Best of Times Bar and are planning on getting some additional units and getting a few more custom wraps to go along with our updated branding for 2014.



Cotton Candy – Behind The Scenes Of A Make Over

Cotton Candy is one of St. Louis Snow Cones most popular fun foods. So, when we upgraded our Cotton candy machines to handle the volume of our client’s events, we decided to upgrade our whole Cotton Candy presentation. And so the brain storming began…

First, we decided that we wanted to add more flavors of Cotton Candy to our menu, so after searching for the best Cotton Candy flavors, we settled on our final menu which includes 13 base flavors. Our staff has been known to mix it up a little and get some custom flavors like Strawberry Banana and Lemon Lime. Not to long after we decided on our 13 flavors, it was brought to my attention that we missed 2 very important flavors: White Chocolate Cherry and Bacon. So, after a little pressure from the Flakes, we ordered those 2 flavors. They aren’t part of the standard menu, but can be requested at any event.

Now that we had our new flavors lined up, we just needed to know how we display and serve at our private events. Knowing that anyone can rent a Cotton Candy cart and knowing that there was no way we could make room for all our flavors on one of those tiny carts, we went to work. With the ideas flowing and our resident artist, Richard, with pencils in hand, it wasn’t long before we had a concept drawing of what our new Cotton Candy Stand would look like. We all loved it! We hope you agree!


Cotton Candy Rendering

It wasn’t too long after our new stands were in place that our Flakes came to me with another great idea. They had been doing a little experimenting and found out that they could swirl Pop Rocks into all 13 flavors of our Cotton Candy. The result was St. Louis Snow Cone’s Poppin’ Candy! And we’ll fill you in on some of those details later!

At St. Louis Snow Cone, we always strive for the sweetest treats and the best presentation for you and your guests. Please visit our Cotton Candy page to find out all the details about having Cotton Candy at your next event!


St. Louis Snow Cone – Behind The Flavor Menu

From our side of the Snow Cone stand, one of the best things is watching guests approach our flavor menu for the first time…In awe, they say, “ALL of these are Snow Cone flavors???”. Yep, they sure are!

Our staff invested some labor intensive hours, trying out new flavor combinations, making each other try each and every one, Snow Cone after Snow Cone. Well, maybe it wasn’t all that bad, but as a group, we have had our fair share of Snow Cones. So, making our menu diverse and fun was important to us. We wanted to make sure that we had your favorite flavor, a flavor you’ve never had and even some flavors you’d never expect to see on a Snow Cone menu. Now, you won’t see anything crazy on our menu, like a Spider Man or Monkey Snot (what’s in those anyway?). What you will see are carefully crafted flavor combinations such as a Banana Split or Chocolate Covered Cheesecake (and I bet you can guess what those taste like!)

Some cool things to point out about our menu….

-We have REAL soda flavors, not some made up thing that tastes like Mr. Pibb, kind of. We actually have a Mr. Pibb Snow Cone! And Coca-Cola, Coke Zero and Sprite!

-We have Tea and Coffee flavored combinations.

-Yes, we have Tigers Blood. What’s in it? Strawberry, Coconut and Watermelon AND Action and Adventure 🙂

-We have 5 sugar-free flavors on our menu.

-We have a full mixed drink flavor menu. Now, these are flavors only, no alcohol. This is a great alternative to have a fun drink without the alcohol, BUT you can always add a shot or two on your own to make the perfect frozen concoction! Oh, and don’t forget to ask about our St. Louis Snow Cone After Hours service (a non-alcoholic frozen cocktail service).

It’s not on the menu, but we do offer REAL fruit juice flavors AND Kosher flavors in limited flavor choices. Just ask for more details!

So, what’s your favorite flavor from our menu???

With so many flavors to choose from on our flavor menu...what's your favorite flavor??

With so many flavors to choose from on our flavor menu…what’s your favorite flavor??






A Candy Buffet In The Making or Sometimes Work Can Be Fun

It’s Candy Buffet Day! Sometimes work can be fun, especially when our events contain a Candy Buffet. We spent part of our day today prepping for our events this weekend. It was a good day to stay inside and do anything other than go outside! I was fortunate enough, on this gloomy day, to be surrounded by bright and colorful candy as I designed a Candy Buffet. The Sixlets, Licorice Strings, Flavored Marshmallows, Pop Rocks and Colorful Lollipops…I can’t wait for everyone to see it tomorrow! No, wait…I can’t wait for everyone to eat it tomorrow!

Candy Buffets are perfect for just about any occasion, fun or formal.

We are also excited to add 2 more members to our catering event staff this weekend. You’ll be able to see all of our staff, including the newbies, on our facebook page when we post event photos from this weekend. Be sure to check that out!

In the meantime, check out this cool (and quick) time lapse video of our staff building a portion of the Candy Buffet earlier today.

Building A Candy Buffet – St. Louis Snow Cone Style (An awesome time lapse video)

You can always expect a little bit more from each St. Louis Snow Cone Candy Buffet. You won’t ever see 6 glass jars on a linen covered table filled with jelly beans . Instead, you’ll see a over flowing table mounded with fun candies that will keep your guests wondering where you got such sweet delights. We pride ourselves on making fun buffets that fill the table with colorful sweet treats that are sure to please any guest. As a unique alternative, let us make a Candy Buffet as a centerpiece for each table at your event. Guests will be just a grab away from the sweetness to munch on during your event and they will each get a customized candy container to take home with them filled with their favorites from the centerpiece.

A Cool Photo Shoot and the Something New Bridal Fair

We’re always excited to tell everyone all the fun services that St. Louis Snow Cone has to offer! The crew has been very busy this last week putting together some new printed promotional material and preparing for the Something New Bridal Fair all while enduring yet another winter storm system in the St. Louis area. Snow days or not, we carry on!

Our staff braved the chilly temps to take some photos for some new promotional material. They may be smiling and they may be in short sleeved shirts holding Snow Cones, but this was taken just as the freezing rain moved in last week. Thanks for braving the elements guys! Now, go in and get a cup of our yummy Hot Chocolate!

Fun Foods Catering and Gifting

The awesome St. Louis Snow Cone staff braving the temps for some cool Snow Cone pics!

This Sunday, February 9th, we’ll be participating in the Something New Bridal Fair held at Spazio’s Westport. You can stop by and meet our staff, sample some of our Gourmet PopCorn and enter a contest to win something special from St. Louis Snow Cone! We’re excited to meet all the Brides, Grooms and their family and friends as they plan for their special day. With so many weddings already booked for 2014, we’re ready to make more wedding days a little sweeter.

Stay warm St. Louis! Snow Cone weather isn’t too far away…we promise!


It’s Winter Time In St. Louis

It’s Winter Time in St. Louis and you just never know what you’re gonna get…warm and sunny, cold and snowy, windy, raining…who knows? If you live in the St. Louis area, you have to be prepared for any type of weather in the Winter and St. Louis Snow Cone is always ready to serve a sweet treat that fits with any weather, audience or occasion!

Yes, even in these bitterly cold temps, we can still bring the Snow Cones to you! It may be cold outside, but it’s warm inside and usually the perfect temperature to enjoy a taste of summer. In fact, each month, we visit a retirement home to serve the residents, guests and employees Snow Cones. It is one of our favorite events! Each month, we get to visit with the residents and have come to know many of them very well. It’s always a treat for us to get to listen to their stories of when the Snow Cone and Ice Cream man would come around their neighborhood when they were kids. And you wouldn’t believe how many residents sold Snow Cones as one of their first jobs. Back then, they tell us, there were only 2 or 3 flavors to choose from, not the 60 plus that are on our menu today! I guess everything about the good ol’ days isn’t better than some of the options available to us today.

So, if you are looking for Snow Cones to turn around those winter blues, look no further. If you need a little something to warm you up, don’t forget about our S’Mores Bar, Hot Chocolate Bar, Candy Apple Bar, Warm Pretzels and fresh (and warm) popped PopCorn!

St. Louis Snow Cone fan  AND a St. Louis Cardinals fan!

St. Louis Snow Cone fan AND a St. Louis Cardinals fan!

Snow Cone Catering – Blog Of Ice

Blog Of Ice – Behind The Scenes At St. Louis Snow Cone

At almost every event we cater, someone says, “I bet it’s fun to be the Snow Cone people!” It’s fairly often that I’m out and about and I’ll hear someone yell, “Hey, it’s the Snow Cone man!” And it’s happened several times that a child has approached me in the grocery store and asked if I remembered what flavor they got when I served them a Snow Cone last summer (sometimes I do remember). Well, we have to admit, it is FUN being the St. Louis Snow Cone guys and gals. We get to meet so many great kids and kids at heart and get to see so many cool parties and events! We never had any idea just how our company would grow and expand over the 9 years since we started catering Snow Cones. We’ve been fortunate to add lots of cool food products, some fun party services and some outstanding team members (lovingly referred to as Flakes). We’ve gathered a list of great returning clients and we’re always happy to meet new clients each year.

So, we’d like to take you along on our journey of Snow Cone catering. You’ll get hear about all the fun things happening at St. Louis Snow Cone, see what it looks like from our side of the Snow Cone stand and get the inside track on how we make parties and events so cool. So, check back often to see what we’re up to. If you have any questions you’d like to have answered, just shoot us an email and maybe we’ll answer your question in our next Behind The Scenes post!

Offices: 314-968-8377 or e-mail us at or find us on Facebook at STL Snow Cone

blue snow cone in a photo booth with a mustache and umbrella at a wedding

Our Snow Cone catering services fit in to any event, fun or formal, kids or corporate.