Marketing… So Much S’More Than You Can Ever Think To Do

black or white t-shirt with a picture of a s'more

S’More Than Just Snow Cones


Marketing…as a small business, we are always looking for more ways to market ourselves and improve our marketing with little to no budget. Creativity and resourcefulness is key!

We’ve spent the last few weeks creating new flyers and postcards to market our catering services. We’ve changed things up a little with the hopes of better representing what St. Louis Snow Cone has evolved into and appealing to a wider audience.

For instance, although we started out catering Snow Cones, we’ve added to our food menu and our services menu over the years. Starting with Snow Cones, adding PopCorn, Ice Cream and Cotton Candy…then expanding to our Fresh Made Soda Bar and our fun foods bars like, Candy Apples, PopCorn, Pretzels, S’Mores and then launching into photo booth services and outdoor movie and gaming services.

And our audience has expanded from just for kids to include kids at heart. And from fun outdoor events to indoor formal events. And from family events to corporate events. We serve at a wide variety of events and serve a very diverse group of guests. We’ve found that we have something for just about anyone and just about any event!

This winter, one of our most popular services has been our new Pretzel Bar which includes Pretzel Bites covered in your choice of 3 warm toppings: Cheese, Sweet Glaze and Mustard AND 3 sweet toppings and 3 savory toppings. The next most popular winter time service is our S’Mores Bar….and that’s when it hit me….St. Louis Snow Cone: S’More Than Just Snow Cones! Yep, that sums it up perfectly and a new tag line was born!

I quickly went to work deciding on colors, graphics and fonts. I didn’t have a real direction, I only knew that I wanted something different than our current marketing materials. My results can be seen in our t-shirts, in our new facebook cover photo and in our new postcards (but you’ll have to wait to see those)!

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