Cotton Candy – Behind The Scenes Of A Make Over

Cotton Candy is one of St. Louis Snow Cones most popular fun foods. So, when we upgraded our Cotton candy machines to handle the volume of our client’s events, we decided to upgrade our whole Cotton Candy presentation. And so the brain storming began…

First, we decided that we wanted to add more flavors of Cotton Candy to our menu, so after searching for the best Cotton Candy flavors, we settled on our final menu which includes 13 base flavors. Our staff has been known to mix it up a little and get some custom flavors like Strawberry Banana and Lemon Lime. Not to long after we decided on our 13 flavors, it was brought to my attention that we missed 2 very important flavors: White Chocolate Cherry and Bacon. So, after a little pressure from the Flakes, we ordered those 2 flavors. They aren’t part of the standard menu, but can be requested at any event.

Now that we had our new flavors lined up, we just needed to know how we display and serve at our private events. Knowing that anyone can rent a Cotton Candy cart and knowing that there was no way we could make room for all our flavors on one of those tiny carts, we went to work. With the ideas flowing and our resident artist, Richard, with pencils in hand, it wasn’t long before we had a concept drawing of what our new Cotton Candy Stand would look like. We all loved it! We hope you agree!


Cotton Candy Rendering

It wasn’t too long after our new stands were in place that our Flakes came to me with another great idea. They had been doing a little experimenting and found out that they could swirl Pop Rocks into all 13 flavors of our Cotton Candy. The result was St. Louis Snow Cone’s Poppin’ Candy! And we’ll fill you in on some of those details later!

At St. Louis Snow Cone, we always strive for the sweetest treats and the best presentation for you and your guests. Please visit our Cotton Candy page to find out all the details about having Cotton Candy at your next event!


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