Catering Snow Cones At Your Event ~ A Couple Of Secrets

St. Louis Snow Cone uses the Best Of Times Bar, with custom wraps and umbrellas, to bring the Snow Cones to your event!

St. Louis Snow Cone uses the Best Of Times Bar, with custom wraps and umbrellas, to bring the Snow Cones to your event!

Catering Snow Cones at your event can be fun and we’ve got it down to a science! We’ve had almost 10 years of experience of bringing a whole Snow Cone stand to you. We’ve had some trial and error, some good advice along the way and some great companies and products that have helped us to get where we are today.

Our first challenge was picking the right machine to bring the best shaved ice to our clients. There are lots of machines out there that make great ice, but we had to be concerned about space, weight and the ability to move the machine around from event to event. After experimenting with a few machines, we found the Snowie brand shaved ice machines. The Snowie machine makes a great shaved ice AND it makes it quickly to keep up with the large crowds at our private events. Our favorite parts about the Snowie….
-Light weight, portable and sturdy
-We never touch the ice. It goes directly from the bag into the machine and into the cup!
-Uses cubed ice, so we can always pick up ice at a local store when we serve more than expected!
-Easy to use foot pedal for fast on and off

Snowie machines are built in the USA. We’ve used our Snowie machines for hours and hours and hours over the last 10 years and have barely had a hiccup with the operation. The one time we did have an issue, I called Snowie and the technical service department (the actually guy who put the machine together) helped us do an on-site temporary repair to get us rolling and overnighted the parts we needed to for a permanent repair! The quality of the machine and the customer service has been outstanding! Check out their machines at this link

Our next concern was trying to figure our how to get over 53 flavor bottles to our guests at each event. We wanted to make sure that we didn’t disappoint our guests at an event by only bringing 5 or 10 flavors. It took some searching, but we were finally able to find the perfect totes to get all those flavors to you!

One of the last, and probably the biggest hurdle, was to find a serving counter that was portable, worked for the product we were serving and provided a great presentation, aka, cute. We had been searching for months and had just about given up. I was hanging out, eating a Snow Cone, watching The View and trying to figure out what to do…and there it was…right in front of me….The Best of Times Bar! It was a featured product on the show and it looked perfect for our needs. I checked out their website,, and it was perfect! After ordering one, we knew we needed a couple more and decided to upgrade to the custom wraps to brand St. Louis Snow Cone at each and every event that we attended. The customer service for this product has been excellent! We love the Best of Times Bar and are planning on getting some additional units and getting a few more custom wraps to go along with our updated branding for 2014.



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