St. Louis Snow Cone – Behind The Flavor Menu

From our side of the Snow Cone stand, one of the best things is watching guests approach our flavor menu for the first time…In awe, they say, “ALL of these are Snow Cone flavors???”. Yep, they sure are!

Our staff invested some labor intensive hours, trying out new flavor combinations, making each other try each and every one, Snow Cone after Snow Cone. Well, maybe it wasn’t all that bad, but as a group, we have had our fair share of Snow Cones. So, making our menu diverse and fun was important to us. We wanted to make sure that we had your favorite flavor, a flavor you’ve never had and even some flavors you’d never expect to see on a Snow Cone menu. Now, you won’t see anything crazy on our menu, like a Spider Man or Monkey Snot (what’s in those anyway?). What you will see are carefully crafted flavor combinations such as a Banana Split or Chocolate Covered Cheesecake (and I bet you can guess what those taste like!)

Some cool things to point out about our menu….

-We have REAL soda flavors, not some made up thing that tastes like Mr. Pibb, kind of. We actually have a Mr. Pibb Snow Cone! And Coca-Cola, Coke Zero and Sprite!

-We have Tea and Coffee flavored combinations.

-Yes, we have Tigers Blood. What’s in it? Strawberry, Coconut and Watermelon AND Action and Adventure 🙂

-We have 5 sugar-free flavors on our menu.

-We have a full mixed drink flavor menu. Now, these are flavors only, no alcohol. This is a great alternative to have a fun drink without the alcohol, BUT you can always add a shot or two on your own to make the perfect frozen concoction! Oh, and don’t forget to ask about our St. Louis Snow Cone After Hours service (a non-alcoholic frozen cocktail service).

It’s not on the menu, but we do offer REAL fruit juice flavors AND Kosher flavors in limited flavor choices. Just ask for more details!

So, what’s your favorite flavor from our menu???

With so many flavors to choose from on our flavor menu...what's your favorite flavor??

With so many flavors to choose from on our flavor menu…what’s your favorite flavor??






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