A Candy Buffet In The Making or Sometimes Work Can Be Fun

It’s Candy Buffet Day! Sometimes work can be fun, especially when our events contain a Candy Buffet. We spent part of our day today prepping for our events this weekend. It was a good day to stay inside and do anything other than go outside! I was fortunate enough, on this gloomy day, to be surrounded by bright and colorful candy as I designed a Candy Buffet. The Sixlets, Licorice Strings, Flavored Marshmallows, Pop Rocks and Colorful Lollipops…I can’t wait for everyone to see it tomorrow! No, wait…I can’t wait for everyone to eat it tomorrow!

Candy Buffets are perfect for just about any occasion, fun or formal.

We are also excited to add 2 more members to our catering event staff this weekend. You’ll be able to see all of our staff, including the newbies, on our facebook page when we post event photos from this weekend. Be sure to check that out!

In the meantime, check out this cool (and quick) time lapse video of our staff building a portion of the Candy Buffet earlier today.

Building A Candy Buffet – St. Louis Snow Cone Style (An awesome time lapse video)

You can always expect a little bit more from each St. Louis Snow Cone Candy Buffet. You won’t ever see 6 glass jars on a linen covered table filled with jelly beans . Instead, you’ll see a over flowing table mounded with fun candies that will keep your guests wondering where you got such sweet delights. We pride ourselves on making fun buffets that fill the table with colorful sweet treats that are sure to please any guest. As a unique alternative, let us make a Candy Buffet as a centerpiece for each table at your event. Guests will be just a grab away from the sweetness to munch on during your event and they will each get a customized candy container to take home with them filled with their favorites from the centerpiece.

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