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Blog Of Ice – Behind The Scenes At St. Louis Snow Cone

At almost every event we cater, someone says, “I bet it’s fun to be the Snow Cone people!” It’s fairly often that I’m out and about and I’ll hear someone yell, “Hey, it’s the Snow Cone man!” And it’s happened several times that a child has approached me in the grocery store and asked if I remembered what flavor they got when I served them a Snow Cone last summer (sometimes I do remember). Well, we have to admit, it is FUN being the St. Louis Snow Cone guys and gals. We get to meet so many great kids and kids at heart and get to see so many cool parties and events! We never had any idea just how our company would grow and expand over the 9 years since we started catering Snow Cones. We’ve been fortunate to add lots of cool food products, some fun party services and some outstanding team members (lovingly referred to as Flakes). We’ve gathered a list of great returning clients and we’re always happy to meet new clients each year.

So, we’d like to take you along on our journey of Snow Cone catering. You’ll get hear about all the fun things happening at St. Louis Snow Cone, see what it looks like from our side of the Snow Cone stand and get the inside track on how we make parties and events so cool. So, check back often to see what we’re up to. If you have any questions you’d like to have answered, just shoot us an email and maybe we’ll answer your question in our next Behind The Scenes post!

Offices: 314-968-8377 or e-mail us at or find us on Facebook at STL Snow Cone

blue snow cone in a photo booth with a mustache and umbrella at a wedding

Our Snow Cone catering services fit in to any event, fun or formal, kids or corporate.

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